L'Appellation Chablais

After Chillon, change of scenery.


Lake Geneva gives way to the Rhône and the 590 hectares of Chablais vineyards, from Villeneuve to Bex, set off to attack the first foothills of the Pre-Alps.


The soils, mostly stony (a gigantic landslide covered Yvorne in 1584) and limestone, confer remarkable minerality to the wines, which denote a typical flinty flavor. Constituent actor of the region, the foehn, sometimes stormy south wind, warms and dries the grapes in autumn, which makes it possible to develop warm and powerful vintages, with a certain fatness.


Through its wine trails, the Chablais leads to the gates of Valais, which it leaves to anticipate by the alpine physiognomy of the places, and also, funny detail, by the capitals sown here and there on the parquets.

Yvorne AOC Chablais


The vineyard of Yvorne


Place of history and meetings, the town of Yvorne is located on the Rhône motorway and the Simplon rail line. A small village with a renowned vineyard, situated on well exposed hillsides of the Vaud Chablais which extends from the plain to the Vaud Alps. An attractive region with the diversity of its landscapes, vegetation and tourist activities in all seasons. With a 160 hectare vineyard, the majority of which is Chasselas, the mineral and rich Yvorne wine reveals the sunny character of a terroir benefiting from a micro climate influenced by the Foehn. The west winds and those which descend from the mountain caress the vines planted in the scree of rocks in magnesia and limestone from the mountain in the 16th Century.


Yvorne has acquired its prestige and notoriety thanks to the know-how of the winegrowers in the respect of traditions and listening to nature. This marriage of human talents and natural metamorphoses gives birth each year to a sublime and unique nectar. Seducing by its authenticity and the freshness of its aromas, this one is harmonious and goes wonderfully with the most refined dishes, or very simply with products from the Vaud region.

Aigle AOC Chablais


The Aigle vineyard


The wines of the Aigle appellation enjoy an excellent reputation and can draw on a long and rich viticultural tradition.

With a total area of ​​132 hectares, the Aiglon vineyard benefits, it is true, from a privileged location, both in terms of climate and its exposure. The whites take the lion's share with 110 hectares. The reds - dominated by Pinot Noir - occupy nearly 22 hectares.


Even if several producers offer remarkable and highly appreciated specialties, the Aigle region remains the country of Chasselas par excellence. This variety - sometimes found under different names - is widespread in many regions of the world.

Historians trace its origins to the Egyptians, a hypothesis confirmed by the discovery of grape seeds. Legend has it that a diplomat brought some plants from Constantinople to France in 1523. However, opinions are divided as to whether the origin of Chasselas in our country comes from France or whether the Romans had previously imported it.
On the other hand, it is certain that the Chasselas has found a favorite ground in the Pays de Vaud, to the delight of our palates.

Ollon AOC Chablais


The Ollon vineyard
In the extension of the hillsides of Yvorne and Aigle nestles the appellation Ollon.
Little frost in spring, minimal rainfall and a situation due south dry the soil and give the Ollon all its flavor. The Ollon vineyard is divided into four distinct sectors: to the west, the Verschiez vineyard, one of the hottest places in Switzerland. An almost Mediterranean climate, you can hear the cicadas singing in summer! Thus, the people of the region call this hill "Provence".
From this place we arrive at the village of Ollon: the highest vines of the appellation, but also the best exposed. Two kilometers from Ollon, the Antilles vineyard, with slopes of 40 to 55%, produces very fond white wines and generates renowned reds. This marble, shaped by millennia, has created a very permeable soil which gives the wine exquisite aromas and flinty characters.
Over 20 specialties
With around 20% of its surface planted with more than twenty specialties, the Ollon vineyard is certainly one of the most diverse in the canton.
We find, among other whites, Plant du Rhin, Sauvignon, Pinot blanc, Riesling, Gewürtztraminer, Viogner. For the reds, mainly Gamaret, Garanoir, Cabernet, Mondeuse and Syrah.

Bex AOC Chablais


The Bex vineyard


With its steep, south-facing parches, the Bex vines cover an area of 110 hectares and enjoy an ideal location.


The third largest municipality in the canton of Vaud, Bex is characterized by a variety of landscapes and a palette of colors, each as dazzling as the next. The Bex vineyard, one of the appellations in the Aigle district, is divided into 3 hillsides: "Le Montet", "Chiètres" and "Le Chêne".


Its terroir is recognized as chalky and gypsum. At the gates of Valais, under the influence of the foehn, the microclimate of the region allows the vineyard to flourish fully and produce a characteristic vintage whose fame goes far beyond municipal borders.



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