The Lavaux vineyard


If Dézaley and Calamin are two pearls of the Vaud vineyard, Lavaux is the prestigious setting.
From the eastern gates of Lausanne to the majestic silhouette of the Château de Chillon, the 760 hectares cling to sometimes vertiginous slopes on often tiny terraces whose clay-sandstone, marly or schist soils are corseted by a fine mesh of white walls.
The beauty of the site earned the region a UNESCO World Heritage status in 2007. To soak up the genius of the place, you have to cross Lavaux thanks to the many well-appointed hiking routes, each detour of which refers to the history of the Cistercian monks who shaped and cultivated the vine, to the writers who sang it, from Ramuz to Gilles, and to the painters who immortalized it, from Vallotton to Auberjonois.
The walk is not easy, but according to the pints and the vaults, welcome stages are suitable for the discovery of Lutry, Villette, Epesses, St-Saphorin, Chardonne, and other Vevey-Montreux, in turn floral and tender, fruity and spicy, full-bodied and robust, generous or fond.
After quenching the thirst, they will escort in perfect symbiosis the delights of the local gastronomy and particularly the fishes of Lake Geneva.

Dézaley Grand Cru AOC


The Dézaley vineyard


Entirely located in the magnificent town of Puidoux, between Epesses and Saint-Saphorin, the Dézaley Grand Cru enjoys an exceptional southern exposure.


We cultivate the vines there with ardor and affection.


Its steep hill falls from the sky in dizzying cascades of walls to plunge into Lake Geneva. The amount of sunshine increases with the radiance of the lake and the reflection of the walls, giving the grapes an admirable maturity.


Once blooming, the bouquet of this wine offers persistence and a fullness of aromas reminiscent of almonds and toast. The burning impression inspired by the bouquet is harmoniously linked on the palate to the fat and creaminess of the Dézaley.

The little acidity gives it tenderness and in the end a feeling of rare generosity.

Calamin Grand Cru AOC


The Calamin vineyard


The Calamin Grand Cru vineyard is located entirely on the Commune of Epesses between the lake and the village.


This small vineyard with a limited surface area makes it a rare vintage and appreciated by connoisseurs.

Its character is defined by an ample bouquet and a robust body in which one recognizes its soil with limestone note.


After a year in the bottle, Calamin confirms its size and develops all its power in the mouth, marked with a chalky note.

St Saphorin AOC Lavaux



The St-Saphorin vineyard


Its appellation zone is bounded to the west by its big brother the Dézaley Grand Cru and to the east for its cousin the Chardonne.


The complexity of its soil gives it a bouquet that brings together all the winey essences that the plant has been able to draw from its terroir: it is a mixture of subtle and very fruity fragrances. On the palate, it is full-bodied but very fine. At the same time rich and distinguished, powerful and heady, through a sweet bitterness. After a few years, her dress increases in intensity and becomes golden yellow.


With olfactory sensations, the taster will appreciate the scent of coniferous, an impression that is found in the mouth.

Epesses AOC Lavaux



The vineyard of Epesses


The Epesses vineyard, limited to the east by the Dézaley and to the west by the Villette, is located in the heart of Lavaux.
The inhabitants of this village are most of the winegrowers.
The Epesses wine draws its originality from a soil rich in clay. A voluptuous bouquet and a distinguished body give on the palate all the flavors of the fruit. If the taster has the patience to leave his bottles for a few months to rest, he will be delighted with this generous wine.

Chardonne AOC Lavaux


The Chardonne vineyard


The Chardonne vineyard, at the eastern end of the Lavaux hillside, takes a foothold on the shore of the lake between Saint-Saphorin and Corseaux and climbs in terraces to the village, in its western part passing the road from Chexbres to Chardonne. The drop is 250 m. about. The original wastelands made of scree, oak groves, brambles, badgers 'dens and vipers' nests, have succeeded, over time, the charmus supported by solid stone walls, anchored in the ground or leaning on the cliffs rocky.


The roundness, the charm of Chardonne wine testifies to a balance obtained in clay-limestone soils giving the plant which grows a generous sap there.

Bright setting where the vine can thrive peacefully.

Villette AOC Lavaux


The Villette vineyard


It is the largest place of production of Lavaux located in the Commune of Villette.
It stretches from Châtelard to the western part of Cully.


In general, the wines are characterized by fine and elegant bouquets where we mainly discover aromas of small fruits. On the palate, the elegance of these fruity aromas is found combined with the roundness of the wine. Feminine, they are both rich and tender. Wines which owe their finesse, their elegance, their distinction to nature and to the love that the winemakers have for them.

Lutry AOC Lavaux


The Lutry vineyard


Gate of the Lavaux vineyard, Lutry with its old town and its cellars has an appellation which offers us a very attractive white where the aromatic subtleties of Chasselas combine with a very pronounced terroir character. Its bouquet has a mineral side which harmonizes with floral and fruity aromas. A touch of final acidity, rare in Lavaux, helps support the balance of Lutry to make it a drinkable white wine to serve as an aperitif.

Vevey - Montreux AOC Lavaux




Celebrated for two centuries for its sceneries and mild climate, Montreux also lends its name to a fine wine appellation. Indeed, the city was built on the vineyards which originally went right down to the lake.
Among the estates which survived, the most spectacular and probably the best is the Château du Châtelard. The square and massive mediaeval dungeon overlooks a beautiful sloping vineyard.
The mostly gravelly soils of the Montreux appellation often rest on red, iron-rich sandstone and marl characteristic of the area. These make for fruity and juicy wines. The whites can be tasted as soon as bottled, while the reds assert themselves a few months later.


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