General Sales Conditions :



Arc-en-Vins SA accepts the command and throws the operations of delivery, upon receipt of your payment, what confirms the contract. 
Arc-en-Vins SA remains an owner of the goods up to its complete payment, including the possible contribution to costs of sending. We make attentive the customer that validated time, the order cannot be cancelled. Upon receipt of this order, the customer is in the obligation to check received articles.
In case of non-compliance, the customer has to inform Arc-en-Vins SA as soon as possible.
Sale :
Legal requirements in Europe and in Switzerland forbid the sale of alcoholic drinks to the people who are not over 18 years old.
Old vintages :
Even if all our wines are stored in ideal conditions, it is impossible to us to guarantee the state and the irreproachable quality of the vintage wines of more than 10 years.

Cork taste :


We attach a particular importance for the quality of wines which we propose you, that is why you can turn us your products if they present a cork taste or if it is defective bottles. If you notice these anomalies on one or several products which you ordered, the latter will not be the object of a refund but a replacement as far as it is a Swiss wine. Only Swiss wines of the Arc-en-Vins SA domain are replaced, as far as the corked or defective bottles are made in 3/4 heights and with the cork of origin, and made parts of the last 5 vintage years with regard to the purchase date appearing on the invoice (subject to available stocks).


Price :
In Swiss Franc – TVA 7,7 % included.
Arc-en-Vins SA reserves the right to modify his prices at any time. However, the charged price is the price posted at the time of the order.
By truck :
Franco from your place of residence to an address, from Chf 500.-
For a lower amount i 500.-, shipment charges in addition (throughout switzerland) :

1 cardboard….12 bottles : 11 Chf

2 cardboards…24 bottles : 20 Chf

3 cardboards…36 bottles : 29 Chf

4 cardboards…48 bottles : 38 Chf

5 cardboards…60 bottles : 47 Chf

6 cardboards...72 bottles : 56 Chf

7 cardboards...84 bottles : 65 Chf


Subject to modifications of the prices of the carrier.


By Post :

Postage and packing chargeable to the customer (minimum 10.-).
No expedition of drinks containing more than 20 % of alcohol outside Switzerland.
Delivery abroad :
Cool of delivery according to actual cost in addition.
Please contact us in +41 21 946 33 44 or
Packagings :
Box of 6 or 12 bottles  70/75 cl – 20 (35cl) - Viniharasses de 15 (50cl) ; 24 (25cl) ; 12 (100cl)
The returnable Viniharasse and glasses are resumed and credited that up the delivered quantity.

Validity and modifications of the general conditions :


The list of wines and other articles is subject to sale meanwhile. Arc-en-Vins SA reserves the right to modify any time and without advance notice the assortment, the prices and the conditions.

The present general terms of sale and of delivery sound subjected to the swiss right. Any dispute concerning sales concluded within the framework of the present general conditions will be the exclusive skill of the courts of the Canton of Vaud, subject to a possible call to the Federal Court.


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